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The long read of The Guardian by Christian Davies - missing footnotes

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In his article "The conspiracy theorists who have taken over Poland" Christian Davies is portraying Jarosław Kaczyński as "part Yoda, part Karl Lagerfeld" obsessed by conspiracy theories. My goal is not to defend Kaczyński or his party, I'm far from it. There is hovewer certain responsibility on the shoulders of journalist and that is to keep the public informed. A journalist enjoys enhanced protection while exercising his/her uninfringeable right, due to his/her crucial role as protector of democratic values which the press holds within society. A journalist has the responsibility to seek out, to respect and communicate the facts – as they become known through reasonable research – by virtue of the public’s right to be informed.1. When going through that long read, on multiple occasions, I felt there are footnotes missing. Here in this article I will try to fill the gaps in the facts, trying to do no harm to them, by my english being far from perfect. 

Footnote 1 - Lech Wałęsa rumours are not rumours but confirmed facts

About Lech Wałęsa 

But after he became post-communist Poland’s first democratically elected president, his critics circulated rumours that he had been a communist collaborator all along.

These rumours were confirmed to be true in book „SB a Wałęsa” published by The Institute of National Rememberence




Footnote 2 - The worst sort of Poles taken out of context and mistranslated

More recently, he implied that people demonstrating against the Law and Justice government were “the worst sort of Poles” – an epithet they have adopted as a badge of honour.

That looks like being taken from polish edition of Newsweek or taken out of context and google translated. He was not refering to people demonstrating against the Law and Justice government.

Here is better source with video showing full interview where these words were said. 


If the author is reading in polish it'll do him no harm reading that short article. If the author needs translation, I'd say google will do.

Footnote 3 - The pillars of democracy

Since taking office in November, Law and Justice has focused its attention on the pillars of Poland’s democracy. Parliament has taken direct control of state media, on the basis that “public media are ignoring their mission towards the nation”.

 That basis happens to be very strong, and the bigest proof is failure of the state media to inform public opinion about examination of the reigning president Bronisław Komorowski as a witness in „Afera Marszałkowa”. Four mainstrem TV stations were granted access to court with camera teams and none of them was transmitting the examination live. There was also no mention of that in main news, where story numer one was member of parliament eating sandwich. The only person who was transmitting live from the court was Michał Rachoń who was using his cell phone. Michał Rachon now is head of news journalism in state TV. Step backwards? Don't think so.

Here you can find the recording of Bronisław Komorowski in court

And here you can read about "Afera Marszałkowa". Google translate if you need. You will still probably understand more than from long read as it is not mentioning a single word about that.

How is that for a seeking out, to respect and communicate the facts? Judge yourself.

Footnote 4 - Constitutional Tribunal

In December, Law and Justice passed a law designed to paralyse the constitutional tribunal – the country’s highest judicial body, which rules on the legality of government actions – by requiring the court to consider its backlog in chronological order, thereby obstructing any judgment of the present government’s decisions.

Fair enough. But how to call mising the fact that back in June former goverment passed law that allowed them to pick 2 additional Judges in advance, alowing them to pick 5 instead of 3 Junges and thus cementing the controll over constitutional tribunal for at least 3 years. That law also extended the powers of the constitutional tribunal making it possible for the tribunal to paralyse the work of parliament.

Interesting fact about that law is that the Chairman of constitutional tribunal, with Judges from tribunal, including  retired, was coauthor of the document.

Read more here, again google translate if neccesary.

Footnote 5 - Smolensk accident

Though numerous investigations and reports have established that the crash was caused by pilot error amid adverse weather conditions 

 Sources missing, I can only gues author is refering to Russian official investigation report by Anodina and Polish official investigation report by Miller. What he fails to mention is that majority of family members of the victims are supporting new investigation. There are also many things about the accident that remain unexplained including testimony of pilot that was landing in Smolensk just before the presidential plane on the same fatal morning in 2010.

Just type Artur Wosztyl in youtube and listen what he has to say.

Footnote 6 - Angela Merkel Stasi links

Jarosław has even suggested that Angela Merkel may have been brought to power by the Stasi

Well he is not the only one saying these things. There are german publications about that http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/new-book-suggests-angela-merkel-was-closer-to-communism-than-thought-a-899768.html Simple fact that he mentioned that long before the publication tells nothing more than that he is well informed politician. 

Footnote 7 - Letter to Oettinger

When Günther Oettinger, Germany’s representative on the European Commission, suggested in January 2016 that the Law and Justice government may have contravened EU regulations by taking control of appointments to state media positions, which would initiate EU “supervision” proceedings, the justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro issued an outraged response soaked in puffed-up patriotism: “You demanded that Poland be placed under supervision. Such words, spoken by a German politician, have the worst possible connotations for Poles. For me, too. I am the grandson of a Polish officer who during the second world war fought in [Poland’s] underground Home Army against ‘German supervision’.”

The most important part of the letter is not mentioned.

Just in case the author of long read knows only the part he quoted, here is the full letter, it fills the gap in footnote 3 quite nice


Footnote 8 - define lawless and unjust

“Law and Justice” is a reference neither to law and order nor social justice, but to the idea that the Polish state itself is lawless and unjust.

Well than, how to call the fact that in March 2015 former director of CBA  Mariusz Kamiński (http://www.cba.gov.pl/en) was sentenced to 3 years in Jail by judge Łączewski who in written reasons for the judgement, that was published 6 months after the sentence, declassified full personal data of operating CBA officers. Between the sentence and the publication of written reason there were two election campaigns where Civic Platform used that case for black PR againt Law and Justice.

But there is more ... after that sentence judge Łączewski was moved up to the department dealing with appeals which would be dealing with appeal of … Mariusz Kamiński.

The same Judge Łączewski last week was nabbed trying to contact Tomasz Lis editor in Chief of polish edition of Newsweek in an attempt to establish joint strategy of fighting the goverment. It came out only because the twitter account of Tomasz Lis that Łaczewski was using to send messages turned out to be fake account set up by somebody who passed the account to jurnalists after the thing happend.

Here is full story http://kulisy24.com/prawo-i-bezprawie/zaplatany-sedzia google translate if you need.

Conspiracy Theory argument

As to eveything else about conspiracy theories …well as per naturalnews article

If you're a conspiracy theorist, then you're crazy, right? That's been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047168_conspiracy_theorists_sanity_propaganda.html#ixzz40Qzdvlcc

So Mr. Christian Davies! What do you really believe in?

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